Mailboxes – Only $8 per month per mailbox for unlimited storage ex GST* (Extra storage cost applies to Google Workspace accounts only @ 45 cents per GB)

Workstations – Only $35 per month per Workstation for unlimited storage ex GST

Servers – Only $80 per month per Server for unlimited storage ex GST

  • Web Design and Custom Development
  • Cloud Services

Building a cloud computing environment can transform your business experience, simplifying how, where and when your employees work. The cloud provides your business with a secure, collaborative, scalable and flexible environment through which to access your data.

Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud? Choosing a cloud solution that suits your needs isn’t so straightforward. Leapfrog Market’s cloud specialists work with your business to establish what solution would best suit your needs and achieve your goals.

  • Cloud computing allows businesses to reduce the costs of investing in servers, storage, and compute capabilities as these are services provided by a cloud provider. Cloud services are accessible from the office, home or anywhere and from any devices including laptops, tablets, PC, or smartphones.

Benefits for your organisation include:

      • Scale for the future – Cloud computing allows you to scale on-demand. This means no more planning your infrastructure for the future — plan for now.
      • Simplified pricing model – Cloud computing means that you pay a simple monthly fee for your service, ensuring you’re never paying for anything you don’t need.
      • Delivery of a customised service – Leapfrog Market will look to understand the business needs of your organisation and deliver a customised server solution that meets these needs. Tailored IT services for your organisation can be delivered through a combination of dedicated or shared hosting environments with custom installed virtual servers. This will give you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world
      • Pay as you go with no up-front costs- pay only for the products and compute resources that your organisation uses, meaning that there are no long term commitments or unnecessary compute costs.
      • Outsource your organisations day to day IT administrative tasks- allow cue IT Solutions to manage, administer and support your IT server environment, outsourcing your IT server support means that your organisation will not need to employ a full-time IT staff member.
      • No need to purchase server hardware will reduce your company capital expenditure (CAPEX) costs.
      • Worried about security? Don’t be. Safety in the cloud is just as good, if not better than having all your infrastructure onsite.

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