Backup and Disaster recovery

Concerned about security? Hey. Don’t be. Cloud protection is just as good, if not better than securing all of the on-site infrastructures. Our expert team can create strategies and solutions that can withstand natural, cyber, or otherwise, even the most unforeseen disasters.

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Some running stats

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Malicious Spam Emails Sent Everyday
The Average Costs of a Cyber Attack
of all Businesses have no current Backup Plan
Increase Data Loss since 2012

Difference between Backup and Disaster recovery

Understanding the fundamentals of backup and disaster recovery is critical for mitigating the effects of unplanned downtime on your business.  Any downtime can jeopardize customer interactions, employee productivity, data destruction, and business processes.

Let’s talk about the key differences between Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Backing up your records, like an archiving function, involves replicating data from the original source to another site. You will call upon this data to recover your files in the event of a disaster. This method of replication could take time, as you can imagine. Check our Backup pricing here

Disaster Recovery (DR) is much more strategic than a conventional backup and also incorporates the entire planning model of the enterprise in order to preserve essential operations before, after and after a catastrophe. Therefore, in the case of a natural catastrophe or cyber threat, a DR strategy assures your company faces minimum interruption to activities.

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