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Redundant Storage

Your disks are stored in a virtual RAID1 configuration, so your data remains accessible if a physical disk experiences a problem.

Redundant Compute

If a host failure occurs, your VM will be started on a separate server in the cluster.

Redundant Networking

All of our hosts are connected to several 10gbit switches so your VM will continue to function as usual even if the physical switch fails.

Fast Storage

You can expect great results from your virtual server from using both SSD/HDD Hybris clusters and complete NVMe SSD clusters.

Latest Hardware

Using the most recent Dell servers, Leapfrog Industry hyperconverged clusters ensure speed and consistency across the network.

Hands-off Infrastructure

Just leave the infrastructure to us and use your time wisely to focus on your growing business. 

What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is a centralized, software-defined framework that integrates all the storage, networking, computing, and management elements of a conventional data center. To replace costly, purpose-built hardware, this integrated solution uses software and x86 servers. You will decrease the complexity of data centers and increase scalability with hyperconverged infrastructure.

It is expensive to build conventional three-tier architecture, complex to run, and difficult to scale. Do not wait for the IT infrastructure that can support the requirements of your modern application. Without losing power, growing expenses, or sacrificing protection, adopt HCI.
Explained Hyperconverged Infrastructure

HCI Introduction

Read more about hyperconverged networks, the drawbacks and how to get started with the transition.

How Does HCI Work?

A hyperconverged platform is made up of four closely incorporated software components:

  • Compute virtualization
  • Storage virtualization
  • Advanced capabilities for management including automation 
  • Networking virtualization

Abstracts and pools of underlying resources from the virtualization software, then dynamically assigns them to programs running in VMs or containers. Configuration depends on applications-aligned policies, removing the need for complex structures such as LUNs and volumes.

What You Can Do with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

  • Building a private cloud: installing on-site cloud-like technology with reduced costs , greater control, and better security. Choose from our accredited suppliers from various hardware opportunities.
  • Public Cloud extension: For quicker implementation speed and less time spent maintaining resources, select an as-a-service option from the largest HCI cloud ecosystem.
  • Achieve real hybrid cloud: Handle combination of VM- and container-based software, distributed with 
    VMware hybrid cloud through mix of data center, public cloud and edge ecosystems.

Hyperconvergence vs. Standard, Three-Tier Architecture benefits

  • Lower Cost, Better Storage
    By using a scale-up/scale-out architecture that includes only industry-standard x86 servers, not pricey, purpose-built networking, you reduce your CAPEX. Then only add capacity with no complications as required. With HCI, you prevent the lock-in of suppliers and remove overprovisioning, which means dramatically reduced spending on infrastructure across your data center.
  • Lower Expense, Improved Storage
    By using a scale-up / scale-out architecture that includes only industry-standard x86 servers, not pricey, purpose-built networking, you reduce the CAPEX. Then only add power with no disturbances as required. With HCI, you prevent the lock-in of providers and remove overprovisioning, which ensures dramatically decreased spending on maintenance across the data center.

  • Increased Scale Capacity
    Be more attentive to market demands that are quickly evolving. In a few hours, set up hardware; in minutes, spin up workloads. Speed up the standard of business-critical software such as relational databases. HCI scales more effectively than conventional infrastructure. This allows a future-proof IT ecosystem that allows you to scale up and scale out to meet complex application specifications quickly.

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