How To Prepare For The Future Of Web Development

Technology moves quickly, and it’s difficult to stay on top of all the changes that are occurring in any given field. However, certain trends are so important that you should work to understand them sooner rather than later. The future of web development will bring with it new challenges and opportunities, so understanding where things are headed can help you succeed now and later on down the line. The following article will give you an overview of the future of web development so you can start preparing for it today.

3 Major Changes You Need To Know About

Artificial Intelligence, VR/AR, Blockchain Technology. Each of these technologies are poised to impact how you use your computer and browse the internet—and they’re growing at breakneck speeds! Although it may seem like they’re too far out to start planning for them now, each is already making waves in many industries. Start your preparation today by reading more about these technologies and how they could impact you tomorrow.

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps use responsive design and services like AMP to allow users to enjoy many of their favourite mobile apps right from their browser. PWA’s offer a different type of experience than native apps, but they may be just what you need if you’re developing for your audience. If your target market is mainly comprised of mobile users, it could be beneficial to learn how to create a progressive web app. Why not build one? Just make sure you know your desired platform before beginning; as stated above, there are some limitations as to which platforms support certain features (like push notifications). Also consider some coding fundamentals; HTML5 and CSS3 come first on our list because those languages form most of any progressive web app development. That said, keeping tabs on trends in code development will help ensure your PWA remains up-to-date and relevant through its lifespan.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

These two areas are being used more and more in website developmentWebsite Design. AI is being used to improve search engine ranking, while ML is being integrated into major data analysis packages to help large corporations understand customer behaviour. AI and ML are expected to continue growing in usage in 2021, with web developers looking for ways to integrate these tools into their websites. As AI becomes more popular, companies are also looking for skilled web developers who have experience with it, so any new skills you learn will be sure to stand out when applying for jobs. You’ll need at least a basic understanding of these technologies if you plan on staying relevant as a web developer or designer in 2018 and beyond. Since most all of Google’s services now utilize AI technology, expect job opportunities to increase over time as well.

3. Blockchain Technology

Last year, you may have heard a bit about blockchain and wondered what all of those tech geeks were going on about. This year, we’re likely to hear even more – and not just from tech geeks. Some experts predict that blockchain could very well be at least as big as personal computers and mobile phones. As such, it’s worth knowing a thing or two about how it works so you can be prepared for what’s coming next in technology. Blockchain is here to stay and will continue influencing our lives over time. And if it makes its way into your field of work, you’ll need some experience under your belt before that happens. If that’s got you interested in learning more about blockchain, here are few things to get started with. Don’t worry if you don’t fully understand it yet—just start by familiarizing yourself with terms like blockchain, cryptocurrency, peer-to-peer network, etc.

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